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What preparations do you need to make before we arrive? Great question! If the house or room is empty, then there is nothing that you need to do except to make sure we have water, electric power and gas (for forced-air heating to speed drying of texture if necessary). If the property is occupied, then there are some things you will need to have completed before we arrive. Here is the list:

  1. Remove any loose pictures from off of the walls. If you can tilt the picture by pushing on it sideways, then it should come off. Pictures that are screwed or bolted directly to the wall do not have to be removed.

  2. Remove pictures, collectables, plants, flowers, vases, etc. from all shelves, window sills, ledges, and the tops of furniture, including tables. All horizontal surfaces should be bare. Heavy furniture including beds, dressers, entertainment units can remain where they are.

  3. Remove all light furniture, leaving the floor as empty as possible. This includes coffee tables, floor lamps, magazine racks, indoor plants, foot stools, folding chairs, dining room chairs, wastebaskets, large decorative baskets, throw pillows, and large free-standing vases. Most people move these types of items to the garage or a covered patio.

  4. Clear the top shelf in any closets that will have acoustic removed or that will be painted. Clothes can stay on the closet rods and shoes and other items can remain on the floor under the clothes, but there needs to be a clear aisle in walk-in closets. Any clothing articles made of fine fabrics, leather or fur that are not in garment bags should probably be removed since it is impossible to prevent a tiny amount of dust from being disturbed when we remove the plastic drop clothes.

  5. If the property is not occupied, please make sure that electricity, water and gas (if the house has gas forced-air heating) is turned on, and that the accounts have been transferred to you so the utilities won’t be shut off without your knowledge. Our texturing products set chemically, and if it is too cold outside we may need to run the heater to speed curing and reduce humidity.

  6. Please move any vehicles out of the driveway and away from the front of the property so that we can get our trucks and equipment as close to the house as possible. This is necessary to getting the job done quickly as we typically have to haul a lot of waste material out and bring heavy bags of texture material, ladders, scaffolding, etc. in. It is also helpful if the front of garage is clear if there is access to the house through the garage.

  7. If your sleeping areas are being worked on, make arrangements for spending the night out of the house. Depending on the size of the project, one or two nights will be sufficient. If you are not sure this will affect you, please ask and we’ll tell you how long it will be.

  8. Final payment is due upon completion of the work before the workers leave the job site. When paying by check, please make sure that you have transferred funds to cover the amount of the check before you issue it.

We have learned from experience that most of our customers underestimate the time it takes to perform this essential prep work. We recommend that you plan for 30-45 minutes per room (more if the room has a lot of items in it) and start at least a day before we arrive with your goal to be done the night before the work starts. That way if your preparations take longer than you expect, you will be still be done before we arrive which will allow us to complete the job on time and prevent you from potentially incurring extra labor charges.

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